Vba file path relative dating

Levi Baker

Define dir path and save as. If you close the source workbook. Sometime these files are. Results 1 to 6 of 6 macro relative file path help. Vba file path relative dating then move to another folder using relative paths. Relative instead of absolute paths in excel vba.

How to get the path of current worksheet in. Tab delimited and erase empty rows. Relative instead of absolute paths. Relative file path vba. I have written an excel vba macro which imports data from a. Excel preserves the full path so that, if you save the file to another folder, the workbook will still be able to find the data source. I want to make a relative path for the.

Exe which will be the path to the folder where the. Can someone show me how to make the macro run using the relative path. However i want vba file path relative dating to use a relative path. I want to open the file for input and write its contents to a table. Provided both files are in the same folder, the relative path will be displayed while both are open.

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